Serbian government approves landmark deal with Kosovo

Serbia-Kosovo deal

(Photo’s credits to AP)

22 April 2013 –  The agreement that could lead to normal and peaceful relations between the Balkan antagonists, Serbia and Kosovo, and could widen and clear the path to a EU membership for both has been approved by the Serbian government unanimously.

Already on Friday the Prime Ministers of Serbia and Kosovo met in Brussels and agreed with giving Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian leadership authority over rebel Kosovo Serbs. In return, the minority Serbs would get wide autonomy within Kosovo.

The EU Commission stated in a report that: “Serbia has taken very significant steps toward visible and sustainable improvement in relations with Kosovo.”

However, Serbian official declared that the agreement does not imply the de-facto recognition of Kosovo’s independence, which was proclaimed in 2008.

More than 10.000 protesters in the divided northern Kosovo town of Mitrovica accused Serbian officials to be ‘traitors’, thousands also filled up the streets of Belgrade.

Laura Zuffi.


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