Israel suggests Syria is using chemical weapons


(Photo credits: The Washington Post)

According to the Washington Post Senior Israeli military officials stated on April 22nd that ‘forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have used chemical weapons against the country’s civilians, saying their evidence — including photographs of victims foaming at the mouth — made them “nearly 100 percent” certain.‘

This new evidence of chemical weapons can change the way of the Syrian civil war and can lead to a broader conflict in the region.

The shaky political system of Jordan and Lebanon has been deeply affected by the current events in Syria, and the United States stated earlier, when President Obama visited the region, that under evidence that chemical weapons were being used, the United Nations and the United States would have to act immediately.

Now that said evidence seems to be surfacing, the world is waiting to see what happens next. Will the international community accept and react to the new evidence of chemical weapons used by the Syrian army against civilians?

Andras Molnar.


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