The daily routine of the most powerful man on Earth


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Politics sometimes seems disconnected from everyday people. To show the other side of the story, the US government under the Obama administration started a new series in 2010, called ‘West Wing Week‘.

The aim of the series is to show how the President of the United States works and handles different situations, such as political debates with other politicians, or terrorist attacks.

There is also a personal side to this series, because West Wing Week gives us the chance to see the private life of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The different episodes show the strength of politics which, according to Obama, is that ‘to achieve a transparent political culture that restores public trust‘.

With more connection to the average people, West Wing Week can destroy the image that politicians are not connected to their voters and just working for themselves. Seeing how professional and passionate President Obama is about changing the world, all of us can see how public trust can be really restored.

The videos can be seen at

Andras Molnar.


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