Bahrain: the Rush of Blood


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Bahrain falls into protest once again, for the second year in a row, due to the violation of human rights by the government. The protests began as early as February 2011 and the people demanded reforms and more democratic rights, the government responded with severe repression. The Grand Prix is programmed to be carried out, despite the clashes.

Said Yousif, the spokesperson of the NGO Bahrain Center for Human Rights has been describing the activities of the regime’s forces in recent days. According to Yousif  the new wave of repression in anticipation of the race of motoring has started “two weeks ago, in particular in villages that are nearby the circuit”. As many as 65 people were arrested, while the opposition leader, before being released, suffered beatings and torture in order to show all the signs “of the treatment reserved for them”, referred to those who have been participating in the protests.

In Manama, the capital, a ban on any form of protest has been imposed by the government, keen on not wanting to let the world know what was happening inside their borders. But like in many other situations, everyone knew and no one has ever intervened in favor of the general population.

In fact, The F1 does not want anything to do with or to know anything about what is happening in the streets of this small archipelago that houses the base in Juffair, the V American Fleet.

The stakeholders of F1 prefers to look the other way, towards economic interests, proclaiming the strangeness of the sport to politics.

Even famous F1 drivers have left statements on the subject.

“It is not right, we’re just here to run and certain things should not happen,” said Hulkenberg. Even the young champion Sebastian Vettel, showing no concern for the plight of young people of Bahrain. “We are here for the sport, not for politics,” he said.

In Bahrain people do not even have the right to speak or the right to freely express their ideas, rights that are at the apex of western constitutions and that unfortunately require years and years to be applied.

To us, this request may seem like a perfectly normal request, to request the freedom of speech and more democratic values, which leads us to sometimes forget and not really appreciate all the successes we have achieved and all the efforts made by our parents and the generations before us.

Meanwhile, the losers are the people who would like to assert their rights.

I hope that one day the country will come to a compromise and that the great powers will stop their silence to help people to have a voice.

Erika Sciarra.


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