The world is a theatre and America the main stage


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First of all, I would like to declare my full respect for the victims from the Boston marathon’ attacks. They have been on the news of the entire world for about a week and we have seen how committed Americans are to their fellows. I know the above picture seems unrelated to the Boston incident but if you keep reading you will understand where I am going with this.

It is very moving to see a whole country crying the deaths of 29-year-old restaurant manager Krystle Campbell, a Chinese graduate student Lingzi Lu, and 8-year-old Martin Richard, as well as the people who were hurt. From here I would like to send all my support. The suspect of this attack, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, was officially charged with “using a weapon of mass destruction and of malicious destruction of property resulting in death”[1]. The response of the world media was a massive coverage of these events during at least one week.

The same day, 17000 kids died of starvation[2] throughout the world and very little or nothing was said in the same media. Somewhere in the world, a child dies of hunger every five seconds. Why aren’t these other news reported more often by the media as well?  Urgent action is critical to tackle the situation of food security and the world should be ashamed for not doing enough. The U.N. World Food Program is facing a challenging situation due to the cuts on the contribution by Member States that they justify with the “economic crisis” of the major contributors. In the meantime, the US Government is spending billions on military equipment and militarizing their own police, which they showed off during this week’s occasion.

If Tsarnev was charged with “using a weapon of mass destruction” for killing 3 people and hurting some hundreds, then how and who should be charged for the responsibility of the death of 17000 children per day? Is it a responsibility of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund because they fail to “to reduce poverty and support development”[3] ? Is it the responsibility of certain Governments that don’t contribute enough to the World Food Program? Or is it the responsibility of the media for not showing to the world the whole truth and, therefore, not raising enough awareness so everyone would donate to fund NGOs that would fight against food insecurity? We know there is enough food for everyone, just not well distributed.

Finally, one fact is sure: the media proportion of the coverage of certain news is disproportionate and gives a distorted image of reality. I have just decided not to trust media anymore. This week I felt like the world was a theatre and America the main stage.

P.D. for the people who believe in the “conspiracy theory” here I attach some links to feed your curiosity.

 Question for debate: Are these attacks and terrorism in general just one more excuse to control even more the people and militarize police in benefit of the international security and private military companies?

Pau Petit.


One thought on “The world is a theatre and America the main stage

  1. Of course we have enough resources, but it wouldn’t be economically or politically convenient to distribute them accordingly. Africa shouldn’t be given money, or at least it shouldn’t be given just money. The need to be given the tools so as to be come self-sufficient, but that won’t happen anytime in the near future because it would threaten the status quo of the Western world.

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