Greek tragedy becomes reality in Tunisia


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M’HAMDIA – The tragedy of Medea is continued in Tunisia: a mother kills her 2 month-old daughter for revenge against the husband.

It happened in Tunisia, in M’Hamdia (within the governorate of Ben Arous) located in the north of the country.

This story has an uncanny resemblance to that of a Greek tragedy by Euripides, in which Medea, wife of Jason, following a wrong suffered by her husband, kills their two children to ensure revenge and condemnation of Jason.

The tunisian woman killed her daughter with a knife because, as she explained to the police, her husband forced her to wear the niqab, the veil imposed on Muslim women that covers their entire body except for the eyes.

At this point, do we truly believe that the niqab should or shouldn’t a personal choice? Do these women really want it or is it imposed by someone else, a parent, a husband, a government?

In this case, the sense of oppression could have triggered in the mind of this woman a sense of brain fog, although it is not justifiable to kill an innocent person, a child. This should not happen ever, neither in Islam nor in any other part of the world.


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