Back on Track!

Hello everyone!! It seems ages since I put up the last post! The blog went in stand-by mode for many of us…exams were close, and for those of us who live in Holland (including me) it was a busy week, not of work indeed but of festivities.

As many of you might know on 30th of April The Netherlands celebrates the Queen’s Day, which is not the birthday of the Queen though, but just a nice spring day to cheer up for monarchy and a good excuse to party. This year was not the usual Queen’s day, because it was a landmark date that marked the end of Queen Beatrix Kingdom and opened the path to her son Willem-Alexander. After 33 years the Queen decided to abdicate and pass on the throne; her abdication was widely expected and will not provoke a constitutional crisis.

With this introduction you can imagine what kind of Queen’s Day and Queen’s Night we had, absolutely unforgettable! To make it even more special for me I was in good company, directly from Italy sister and friends, could I ask for more?

To conclude the week the Dutch people commemorated the victims of the wars on 4 May and the liberation from the World War II on 5 May, the latter together with festival that we fully enjoyed.

Now I am back on track and I leave you immediately with something to think about. I am sure all of you are aware of the working conditions of third world labour force, especially those who make our clothes.  The latest Avaaz campaign focused on Bangladeshi women who have died in clothing factories. Sign the petition and keep yourself up-to-date with other initiatives!

Laura Zuffi.


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