Addio, Andreotti.

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6th of May, Giulio Andreotti world-known exponent of Italian politics, especially after the Second World War in the Christian Democrats, died in Rome at the age of 94.

Andreotti was seven times Prime Minister, Defense Minister eight times, five times Foreign Minister, Minister of State Ownership three times, twice Minister of Finance, Budget Minister and Minister of Industry and once Secretary of the Treasury. He was the youngest Prime Minister in the history of Italy, getting elected at the ripe age of thirty-four. . Andreotti was shunned for having had a “practical cooperation” with the Mafia, even if the offense was extinguished by prescription.

Among the many messages of condolences, the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano commented that: “Of the life-long experience of Senator Giulio Andreotti and the work he performed in many forms, in the broader context of politics, parliament and government, in-depth assessments will be carried out and expressed only in historical judgment. ”

Erika Sciarra.


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