Photo campaign by Jonathan Rashad to document the ‘unseen’ Egyptian revolution.

Jonathan Rashad, a young freelance photographer and citizen journalist from Cairo, started his promising career as photojournalist in 2010 and since then his photos have been published in many worldwide known newspapers, international news channels and news agencies, such as New York Times, Aljazeera, CNN, AFP, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times and Egypt Independent.

The Global Oyster would like you to take some time to check out his photo campaign about the Egyptian revolution, which bursted in 2011. As a photojournalist, but most of all as a Cairo citizen, he reported all the angles of truth and unveiled scenes, sometimes ricking his life too.

Jonathan is on the way to release a breath-taking photo documentary regarding this endless struggle. As a freelancer he does not have a substantial income to benefit from, so he needs your help! However, money is not the main issue, raising awareness about this campaign and indeed the main facets of the revolution is the strongest help you can give.

On his official Website you can have a look at his works in Egypt and at his photojournalism portfolio.

“Donating, sharing the campaign on Facebook or Twitter, or spreading the word to your colleagues and friends around would help me get back on track to continue documenting Egypt’s ongoing revolution.” (Jonathan Rashad)

Laura Zuffi


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