Nationality law to be modified in Italy

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Cécile Kyenge
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The Minister for Integration of Italy, Cécile Kyenge, is in favor of jus soli and is raging amongst the ranks of the country’s politics an inevitable controversy.

Jus soli yes, but not “pure”. Kyenge, specifies her point of view on the right of citizenship, pointing out that what she has in mind is not a formula such as one the one that is applied only in the United States, but rather a “moderated jus soli.”

At present, a person is considered Italian if they are born in Italy to foreign parents legally residents there for at least five years, or those who arrived as children and have completed a course of study.

The parliament, as the minister said, will have to take twenty proposals for legislation on citizenship. “It will be a long process and will involve the two chambers – continued Kyenge – right now our task is also to stand behind the work that is taking place at the parliamentary level.”

And speaking of famous football player Balotelli as a testimonial of the Ius soli, Kyenge says that it is “a good idea”. “I gave my approval – she explained – certainly when have the time to discuss how to move forward with the citizenship law I believe that the idea of Balotelli is a good idea.”

Faced with the growing of the presence of second-generation youth, namely the children of immigrants born in Italy, but legally foreigners, this topic is incumbent on the part of institutions and civil society. If we look at the present regulatory framework, it does not conform to the reality of the country, as it does not allow for a large proportion of young Italians to gain a sense of membership and belonging.

Until now, the only way to acquire Italian citizenship has been the “jus sanguinis”, also known as the right to have such citizenship if you are born to a foreign parent that has Italian citizenship.

On this subject, there have been several negative reactions, especially from the blog of Beppe Grillo, where it is noted that the “jus soli” pure and simple, does not exist in any European country therefore before introducing new regulations that will change over time with the ethnic groups in Europe, perhaps more thought should be given to this. Those against the possibility of this referendum consider that perhaps they should consider just how stable their government is before adding more uncertainty to the recipe. The matter becomes even more complex when you consider that Italy is part of Europe and that those who acquire Italian citizenship would consequently become European citizens.

Erika Sciarra.


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