Occupy PD: wind of change?


Photo credits: tg24.sky.it
Photo credits: tg24.sky.it

After Occupy Wall Street and other phenomenons, comes the Italian  “Occupy PD”. They demand a change of the Democratic Party and want to be heard; they are armed with a document with which they intend to request a reset of current leadership.

Occupy PD doesn’t want to weave a closed congress but rather a more open congress with a secretary chosen by the voters, more inclusiveness with respect to civil society and clarity on the timing and modes of action of the Government.

For this reason this youth movement, “Occupy the Democratic Party” arrived at Rome after occupying the party offices throughout Italy. A few days ago they knocked on the doors of the National Assembly and protested outside the pavilion at the New Fair of Rome, where the meeting of the Democratic Party was held to elect Guglielmo Epifani, pro tempore secretary. The protesters were wearing the same T-shirt that read ‘We are more’ than 101 ‘, referring to the snipers who contested the nomination of Romano Prodi at the Quirinale, the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic.

“Epifani is a low-profile Bersani, it smells like an application to Congress, and what we want is more transparency in Congress” said Luca Besonetto.

Italy’s youth is calling for a return to the polls. But the young Occupy the Democratic Party movement has later tried to tone it down a little. None of them are happy with the government, they said, also adding how they want to return to vote soon, perhaps after the electoral law, and some measures are taken regarding the workplace. They do not want to pass for the usual “troublemakers” but rather promote a real change within the party.

“The truth – reflects bitterly Carmine Schettino – is that the Democratic Party does not exist, on one hand there’s the former Christian Democrats dominated by Nicola Mancino and on the other, former communists. All were eager to become “demitiani” (Christian Democrats), in the political culture and in the way of handling power. We will wait to see what happens in the next conferences and then decide whether to stay or leave “.

Erika Sciarra.


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