Men Who Hate Women: Italy takes its first steps to prevent femicide


Italy: The Chamber of Deputies unanimously approved the ratification of the Convention, which was signed by the Council of Europe in Istanbul in 2011, on the prevention and the fight against violence towards women, the so-called “femicide”.

The Convention – the first international instrument in the fight against violence towards women – now goes to the Senate, as pointed out by the chairman of the House, Laura Boldrini, in a statement: “Today’s vote is the achievement of an important first goal. Now the document passes on to the Senate, where I trust that you can count on an equal attention. This will then launch the law which will implement the Convention, which has the financial backing necessary to enable the realization of concrete measures to support it. ”

The Government is committed to creating, between national education and the general lines of the school curricula, a culture of respect and awareness of gender identity and overcoming stereotypes.

Finally, it seems like we are trying to find a solution to this problem: in Italy every three days a woman is killed by a husband, boyfriend, or a father. How is this possible, in a supposedly democratic State?

Domestic violence is the leading cause of death worldwide for women between the ages of 16 and 44, even more than road accidents and most of the diseases.

Violence against women, which in some cases has gone as far as to murder that has been defined, for the first time, “femicide” by a ruling of 2009, is not a collection of private facts: it is a tragedy that speaks to everyone. Above all, it is and should be everyone’s concern.

Cultural changes take time, a lot of time, to become effective, but it is important to start making concrete and structural interventions. Even though we might feel we won’t see results right away, it is crucial for things to get done anyway.

Erika Sciarra.


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