President-elect Hassan Rohani gives new hopes in Iran.

The pick of the day centers on the just-elected new Iranian President Dr Hassan Rohani, who won with a massive popular turnout on 14 June 2013. The Iran’s 11th presidential election was marked by a high voter turnout for the moderate cleric Rohani, who gained 18,613,329 of the 36,704,156 ballots counted.

“I’m not a colonel. I’m a jurist” Rohani stated in a television debate to confirm he stood for moderation and fairness, rather than confrontation. Rohani saw a glorious victory while racing as the only moderate with five fundamentalists to defeat in the electoral campaign. The key of his success? Avoid radicalism that “had damaged Iran”, save Iran’s economy and reconciliation with the world over the nuclear dossier. These were the points who brought Rohani to the top and that  fueled Iranians’ hope of a better future.

Rohani has also urged the West to talk to the Iranian nation fairly and respect the Islamic Republic’s rights in order to receive an appropriate response:

“Those who [claim to] genuinely protect democracy and interaction as well as free speech should talk to this great nation respectfully and fairly after this great popular epic. They should recognize the rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran so that they could receive an appropriate response,” he said. (PressTV)

Benjamin Netanyahu has already expressed concerns on the Iranian nuclear program and  called on Sunday for no let-up in international pressure on Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions after the election of a new president who is widely seen as a moderate.

Who is Hassan Rohani? PressTV broadcast yesterday a portray of the new Iranian President, have a look and make up your mind.

Laura Zuffi


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