World Refugee Day: raise awareness.

Thirteen years ago from yesterday, World Refugee Day (WRD) was established by the UN General Assembly. While some may think that nominating a day for a cause that should be remembered every day and not solely on the 20th of June, I beg to differ and believe that days like these are there to remind us of issues we tend to forget about.
Currently, there are more than 45 million refugees and internally displaced people, a number that has reached its peak in the last 20 years.
Many activities were organized for WRD all around the world, including film screenings, cultural performances, lectures, shows etc in order as to raise more awareness.
The theme of this year’s WRD was family, and special attention was given to the disastrous situation of the Syrian refugees in Jordan.
An interesting campaign by UNHCR for this cause is “The Most Important Thing’. The campaign is based on the most important object that refugees decided to take with them after they were forced to leave their homes for a series of circumstances. Anyone can go on the UNHCR website, click on the campaign and contribute by stating what they object they would bring with them if they had to leave everything behind. A few months ago UNHCR also published some photos on Flickr, portraying “the most important thing” that over 1 million Syrian refugees carried with them across borders.
Some chose the Qur’an , others an instrument, a diploma, house keys… tokens symbolizing times of safety, certainty and happiness that bring them hope when they’re losing it all- what would be YOUR “most important object”?
Chiara Romano Bosch.


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