Political candidate shot and rival supporter killed at Albanian elections


(Photo’s credits to CTVnews)

The victim, Pjeter Gjoni, 53-year-old activist from the Socialist Party in the town of Lac. The injured, Mhill Fufi, a candidate for Prime Minister Sali Berisha’s Democratic Party. Another person was injured by the gunshot.

One of the poorest countries in Europe with high level of corruption, nepotism and high unemployment rate has been trying to join the EU. The membership application has been rejected twice already due to governance problems.

All the eyes were upon Albania today to see if the country could manage fair and safe elections. Things didn’t go as expected though and a EU diplomat condemned the violence.

Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego reported from Tirana, you can watch the video and read the full article here.

Albanian problems remind me of my country with bitterness, although there is no comparison between the two countries’ economic and social situation, in terms of corruption we became sort of friend with the Mediterranean neighbor. It is well known that the Albanian mafia collaborates with the N’drangheta mafia (Calabria, Italy), especially for drugs trade and minors prostitution. The difference? Italy is one of the EU founding members and our ‘corruption forces’ can act quietly and are backed up.

Laura Zuffi


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