Taliban attacks Kabul’s Presidential Palace, CIA, ISAF HQ, Ministry of Defence


The attack in the heart of Kabul directed to the Presidential Palace, where President Karzai was, CIA, ISAF HQ and ministry of Defence, is the strong answer of the Talibans after the failed peace-talks of few days ago.

“What I saw from the outside of that gate is more of a blast wall around the green zone area, as there were giant holes in the concrete walls and the entire gate was destroyed. Apparently, one vehicle was able to get inside and one vehicle was stopped at the gate, and that’s when the attack began,”  Local journalist Courtney Body told RT.

All the attackers were killed during the 90-minute firefight, which also caused three victims on the other side and one injured – security guards of the Presidential Palace.

“The brave mujahideen, with special tactics and help from inside, were able to reach their target with their weapons and cars,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in an email statement quoted by AP.

Talking about peace is still far from reality.

Laura Zuffi


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