Obama in Africa: Too little, too late?

“There was nothing which was necessarily going to change in the US because you had an African American president …. For Africans, what we need to accept is that we are going to be left to lift ourselves up by our own bootstraps and shouldn’t wait for Obama and others to do that for us.” 

Matlotleng Matlou, the non-executive director at Excelsior Afrika consulting

Aljazeera Inside Story program offers an insightful video about the just-started African tour of Obama and his family together with a team of business leaders.

Obama in Africa: Too little, too late? around 24 minutes of different perspectives, 24 minutes to understand why Obama took off so late from the US to visit his homeland, why the tour entails only 3 countries – Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa – out of 54, and what this tour will bring as a turnout.

Take your time tonight, watch it and share it!

Laura Zuffi


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