Pick of the day: A day at work for an MEP- uncovered?

Members of the European Parliament are crucial contributors in the decision-making process of the European Parliament, as they participate in amending proposals of the European Commission, approving texts, electing the President of the Commission, entering international agreements, adopting the EU annual budget, and so on.
These are the things we know and hear about MEPs. However, in the past days some interesting material was uncovered about what being an MEP can entail.
Journalist Tom Staal, for the satirical Dutch television station GreenStijl TV, along with a little inside help, uncovers some ugly truths about what it means to be an Minister for the European Union.
So what advantages and disadvantages could a position like this have?
Here are some of the benefits, amongst others; checking in and checking out of work at any time you please, receiving generous payment for the amount of time you spend in a car, enjoying lavish meals (including wine bottles with a price range that varies from 30-80 euros), admiring art expositions that cost tens of thousands of dollars, and so on.
No disrespect meant to the work of the EU, and surely there are very valid and hard-working people amongst them, but while Europe is suffocating under measures of austerity and budget cuts, isn’t this going a little too far?
Take a look at the video- it speaks for itself.
Chiara Romano Bosch.


One thought on “Pick of the day: A day at work for an MEP- uncovered?

  1. By the way, this is not something that’s not been widely documented, on the contrary, the video and article only compound years of complaints about the pay and perks systems for EU Officials and the EU Parliament. Check the European parliament’s website itself and in its budget you will see that “About 24% of the 2012 budget is dedicated to MEPs’ expenses, including salaries, costs for travel, offices and the pay of personal assistants.”. Now doing some maths we can easily see how much each MEP is spending on perks on average per year: considering the total budget in 2012 of € 1,718 billion, getting 24% of that and dividing it by the 754 members, we get an average expense per MEP per year of € 546,844, subtracting the average salary of a EU MEP of €84,000, we get the staggering number of € 462,844 in Perks, or 5,5 times their salaries. That is FREAKING ABSURD!

    If you want some more btw (the brits have made the most fuss about this for their own nationalistic reasons):





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