Morsi Presidency in Egypt marks one year today, what went wrong?

Today is the anniversary of the first fair and democratic elections in Egypt. One year ago Mohamed Morsi, leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood and then Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), was running for the presidential elections and won successfully supporting intensely the Egyptian Revolution. After 30 years of  severe ruling by the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak, the election of Morsi was seen as a wave of change.

One year later Egypt is on the brink of crisis again. Christiane Amanpour (CNN) brings the case on the table in a 11 minutes video where she conducts an insightful interview with Khaled Al-Qazzaz, Senior Foreign Policy Adviser to Egyptian President. For more insights on the issue, watch Aljazeera inside story Egypt: One year of Mohamed Morsi.

President Morsi showed controversy and triggered protests immediately after his elections, when he granted himself unlimited powers for the “good” of Egypt (November 2012), including the power to legislate without judicial oversight or review of his acts. The opposition calls for early elcetions since the President had dramatically failed to fulfil the promises and objectives claimed in time of revolution.

Torture and abuse of power by police forces were abundant over Morsi presidency. Morsi has ignored all the initiatives proposed by human rights activists to reform the ministry of interior and police force in order to stop these practices.


Is it time for Egypt already for another revolution?


Laura Zuffi


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