Morsi, ‘defender of legitimacy’ refuses the ultimatum, what comes next?

Video published on 2 July, although it’s in Arabic the crowd speaks for itself!!

“President Mohamed Morsi will hold on the constitutional legitimacy and refuses any attempts to turn against it. He also calls the army to reverse its ultimatum and refuses any domestic or foreign orders. ” (official twitter account of Mohamed Morsi)

“There is no substitute for legitimacy,” Morsi said in the 45-minute late-night address. “The revolution of January 25 will achieve its goals. Legitimacy will be safeguarded, and I am willing to give my own life to protect it.” (Aljazeera)

Hundreds were injured during three days of nation-wide protests, among opponents and supporters of the President several were killed. The question is, what will the military do when the 48-hours ultimatum expires???

Anti-Mursi protesters and residents of an area in Sidi Gaber, clash in a side street off a main street where a massive anti-Mursi protest is taking place, in Alexandria

(Photo’ s credits to Reuters)

Laura Zuffi


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