Paradise at risk

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The use of sea water and the exploitation of its resources can result in serious damage if not take certain procedures are not implemented so as to ensure a sustainable use.

In many cases, unfortunately, since ancient times, the sea has been mistakenly regarded as a huge dumping ground for waste and filth of various kinds without any hesitation.

And even now it is treated as such by ungrateful summer tourists, and on board of sailing boats or motor boats that throw all kitchen waste and other items overboard.

In addition to pollution, “measles transmission and the little food they have has contributed to the deaths of a whale and 150 dolphins in 100 days, along the Italian coast ” said Sandro Mazzariol,  researcher at the University of Padua.

For Greenpeace, pollution is the culprit.  Just a year ago a Grimaldi cargo lost 140 toxic barrels, in the sea of Tuscany which led to theorizing the possibility that some of it was spilled and have poisoned the rich fauna of the Cetacean Sanctuary.

There is much concern among experts and environmentalists, because soon enough the Sanctuary “Dance of Love” will begin, that courtship that anticipates the reproduction of cetaceans, an extraordinary and special experience for the species.

And according to the association, the whales of the Sanctuary are not the only ones at risk but the entire food chain: an analysis by Greenpeace in 2010 done off the coast of Tuscany and Liguria showed the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals beyond the permissible limits.

Erika Sciarra.


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