Protests continue, Egypt is bleeding from deadly division.

Middle East News Agency claimed that 75 were killed (Nasr City, Alexandria, Cairo – Egypt), while at least 1000 were wounded. Egyptian Health Minister stated instead only 20 were the victims and 177 injured, discrepancy in figures reveals a lot about the clashes. The reason might lay on the fact that many of the injured (Morsy supporters) were brought to a makeshift hospital set up by the pro-Morsy in Cairo.

Yesterday Morsy was jailed for 15 days, accused of not only escaping, but destroying the prison’s official records as well as intentionally killing and abducting police officers and prisoners. Hamas, its military wing, the Islamic Palestinian Army and Hezbollah are among the suspects who could help Morsy in the process and plotted for the escape, claimed by the prosecutors as “foreign elements, while the Muslim Brotherhood was worked as domestic cooperation.

Egypt’s army calls for massive protests to fight terrorism and asks to Defense Minister and chief army El-Sisi a mandate to crackdown on terrorism, in other words to defeat Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Pro-Morsy protesters compares El Sisi to Syria’s Assad. “Egyptian army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s recent speech calling for protests against “terrorism” was a call for civil war, the pro-Morsi National Alliance to Support Legitimacy has said.” (Ahram Online)

Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei condemned the “excessive use of force” that resulted in deaths, state-run EGYNews reported.

Laura Zuffi


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