Bus crash in Southern Italy causes at least 37 victims

Not much to do add to the images of this video.

At least 37 people died (5 of them were children), 11 injured when a bus careered off a viaduct on a highway A16 Napoli-Canosa in the surroundings of Irpinia (Campania, Italy).

Around 50 passengers on board, few are the survivors and many in bad conditions, since the bus crashed other cars and fell through the guardrail of the viaduct that was 25-30 metres high.

The cause could be a burst tyre, as one of the passengers revealed to his uncle: “My niece told me the left tyre of the bus blew up. The driver tried to keep the situation under control, but he could nor make it” Vincenzo Rusciano said after meeting the niece Annalisa in the hospital of Avellino (Net1News).

Canada, Spain, Italy….. where will be the next victims on board?


Laura Zuffi



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