Peace talks have started in Washington between Israel and Palestine

“The most difficult work of these negotiations is ahead, and I am hopeful that both the Israelis and Palestinians will approach these talks in good faith,” US President Barak Obama said on Monday (Aljazeera). He welcomed the path of negotiations launched today and thanked US Secretary John Kerry who is orchestrating the imminent peace talks by inviting Israeli  Prime Minister Netanyahu and PLO President Abbas in Washington for preliminary talks.

Israeli leaders agreed on Sunday to release 104 Palestinian prisoners, as a major roadblock and push towards future negotiations. In the diplomacy world talks have begun this evening and promises are high, but on the streets reactions were different.

Sunday afternoon, the Palestinian Authority (PA) police in Ramallah assaulted dozens of demonstrators who marched in a peaceful demonstration called by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) against the resumption of the Palestinian Authority negotiations, which they described as indicative of a “willingness to concede, against the position of the Palestinian national consensus and even the decisions of the PLO institutions themselves, is deeply dangerous to the Palestinian national cause.” (Prisoner Support and Human RIghts associations).  Many protesters were taken to the hospital for serious injures.

After 6 decades of conflict and peace talks started and then blocked, is this move really going to make a change? As a starting point 104 Palestinians were released and other were locked on the same day during a peaceful demonstration.


Laura Zuffi


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