Mugabe defeats again the opposition

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) announced on Saturday that Mugabe had secured 61.09 percent of the vote, followed by Tsvangirai with 33,94 percent – in a result that the main opposition says it will not accept.

Mugabe sworn in his five-year term marked by controversy, dissatisfaction and an imminent political crisis. The crisis is so much perceived that riot police and water cannon trucks were spotted around the city and ready to hit if necessary.

Besides voter registration there were other anomalies in the electoral process. The ZEC’s delayed release of the voters’ roll, barely 48 hours before polls opened, and its continuing refusal to release an electronic, searchable version, has severely aggravated the controversy.

The general public who voted is also confused and disappointed by the results, but not everyone. Reactions among Zimbabweans are mixed, some were hoping for a change, others are glad that Mugabe still reigns, or some that simply accept the defeat.



Laura Zuffi


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