Political crisis and social divise increase in Tunisia as NCA stops working

After the killing of the left-wing MP Mohamed Brahmi, leader of the small Popular Movement party, street protests have sparked and still going on strongly in Tunisia. Eight soldiers were murdered few days after by militants near the Algerian border. The fact fueled the social unrest even more.

Yesterday Tunisians were chanting slogans in front of the National Constituent Assembly, which decided to suspend its work until the government and the opposition would begin talks to solve the political crisis.

tunisians in front of NCA

(Photo’s credits to PressTV)

“I assume my responsibility as president of the NCA and suspend its work until the start of a dialogue, in the service of Tunisia,” said NCA speaker Mustapha Ben Jaafar on state television on Tuesday.

The opposition refuses to hold talks with the Islamist-led government and the ruling party Ennahda does not accept a possible downfall of the government, “Unfortunately every time a tragedy hits us, we immediately call for the dissolution of the government and parliament”, Ennahda leader, Rachid Ghannouchi said.

Thousands of Tunisians are taking the streets and Tuesday massive protests also marked the the six-month anniversary of the assassination of leftist politician Chokri Belaid, one of the two opposition figures killed recently.

The unrest is not only supported by the general public, but also by high political figures who resigned two weeks ago. More than 70 members of the assembly withdrew two weeks ago and organised a sit-in outside the assembly headquarters.

Almost two years after the Arab Spring Tunisia is dealing again with a massive political crisis.

Laura Zuffi


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