Yemen: Foiled Bombing from Al-Qaeda


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Al-Qaeda affiliated members were planning to blow up oleo-ducts pipelines in Yemen, but their plan was foiled. The terrorists also had plans to detonate two bombs in two of the nation’s Southern ports where many foreigners are employed and where products for export and import are shipped. The security level of the country remains high, with hundreds of armored trucks deployed in strategic locations. “There have been attempts to control key cities in Yemen such as Mukala and Bawzeer”stated a spokesman of the Badi administration. “This would be complemented by coordinated attacks by members of al Quaeda on the gas pipelines in the cities of Shebwa and Belhaf”.

BBC has reported that the Al Qaeda operatives infiltrated strategic locations dressed as military personnel and were awaiting the right moment to be “activated”. The attacks appear to have been carried out as a retaliation against the killing of a high-level member of Al Qaeda, Said al-Shihri, during a drone strike in Yemen which took place last November.

Meanwhile Barack Obama appears in TV to calm the U.S. Citizens: “The reaction to close consulates and embassies by the United State is not exaggerated as the risk of attack is significant, radical violent extremism is still present”.

The American President intervened at Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show” on the high alert status established and the consequent measures undertaken by the United States. Obama has reassured American citizens that “It is safe to go on holiday anyway, but one must do so prudently and consulting the daily updated information on the website of the Department of State before making plans. The chances of dying in a terrorist attack are less than those of dying in a car accident, unfortunately”.

The president’s remarks come as unconfirmed reports are being circulated on a drone strike ordered by Pres. Obama which allegedly killed seven Al Qaeda members in Yemen at dawn this morning.

Erika Sciarra


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