The Utor typhoon devastates Philippines.



It’s called Utor the powerful typhoon that is hitting the province of Aurora in the north side of the Philippines with heavy rains, windstorms of 175 km / h and gusts to 210 km / h. Utor is turning out to be one of the worst and most violent of 2013.
Every year dozens of typhoons bring destruction and death in the south’eastern country. According to reports from the National Agency for Disaster Management, thousands of people spent the night in shelters, while the province remained without electricity.
45 is the number of missing fishermen. One victim was confirmed by the regional civil defense official: Andrew Alex Uy, 22 years old, was overwhelmed  by a landslide that struck a channel while he was cleaning.
The typhoon raised waves up to eight feet in the ocean. The images of the network ABS-CBN TV showed a woman swept away by a swollen river in the province of Isabela.
Radio stations reported that the roofs of several houses were swept away, as well as a closed basketball court. According to the forecast the typhoon Utor should leave the archipelago in the evening to move towards the southern coast of China.
Erika Sciarra

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