Snipers shoot down civilians, the bloodshed continues in Egypt

The Day of Anger has begun this morning and is tragically ending marking the third day of fire and protests. In an alarming climate of civil war Egyptians are wondering why the military has staged a crackdown on protesters, why have been shooting their own people.

The nation who has gained almost a  world record for street protests and massive marches in the name of deomcracy and justice, it’s turning into a cradle of massacre.

Besides Morsy supporters and opponents the victims are also those who live their ordinary lives and recently more and more Christians are at risk after more than 40 churches have been destroyed or set on fire. The attacks do not have in their sight only Cairo, the capital, and Alexandria, but also touristic sites now like Urgada that have set the alarm in some European countries more than ever.

Egypt with its interim presidency seems to be not on the brink but in a real crisis, which will see an end hopefully with a prompt presidential election  and with an “about face” from the military.


Laura Zuffi


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