Homophobia alarm is back in Italy

He killed himself at age of 14, when he jumped from the terrace of the house; in a note he has written the reason: “No one understands me, I can’t do it anymore”.
He felt marginalized because of his homosexuality. It happened in Rome and it was not the first time. In November 2013 the Italian capital was hit by another case of suicide for the same reason; 15-year-old boy hanged himself in the bathroom of his grandparents’ house.
Homophobia law has to be a priority among Italian policies again. “I hope-“, the Italian left-wing politician Nicola Vendola commented via Twitter, “that a whole ruling class will ask for forgiveness to the victims of homophobia for having let the hatred towards diversities become the ordinary lexicon of the political contention”.
Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesperson for ‘Gay Center’, stated in the light of the facts that ” the government urgently has to approve a legislative decree against homophobia, as it did with the issue of femicide”.
Even though magistrates are not sure whether it is a case of incitement to suicide or not, the Rome Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out checks on the computer of the 14 year old and is trying to find a potential journal where the boy kept his secrets.
Officers are also trying to find out whether the boy was part of a social network and if he had been the victim of cyberbullying. Family members, classmates and friends from the San Basilio neighborhood will be questioned by the officers. The goal is to find out if anyone was aware of the boy’s unease, if the victim had told anyone that he was gay and if any act or reaction could have hurt his sensibility.
After the suicide of the young Roman, Laura Boldrini, President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, addressed a message to his family: “I express my sorrow to the boy’s family, even though I know well that my words can not soothe such big suffering”.
“I believe that the Chamber of Deputies, that already started a debate over the text on homophobia, will be able to pass a law by a large majority that lines up our country with the other members of the European Union”, Laura Boldrini added. According to Mara Carfagna, spokeswoman for PDL at the Chamber, “the law against homophobia is not enough to prevent desperate acts. We need to sensitize public awareness in schools and among younger kids over subjects such as violence and homophobia, just like we did under the Berlusconi legislation”.
In 2013 we still live in a society that conceives sexuality as a sin, especially when it comes to relationships that differ from the standard.
Erika Sciarra

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