Amina Says Goodbye to Femen

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The most famous member of Femen left the group last week. Tunisian-born Amina Sboui announced in an interview with the Huffington Post Maghreb website that she decided to leave the group, that in her opinion was Islamophobic and not at all transparent in terms of its financing.

Amina says that she repeatedly asked Inna Schevscenco-the leader of the movement born in Ukraine – about the sources of funding and she did not receive clear answers. “I do not want to be part of a movement where there is doubt about where the money is coming from. And what if Israel were to finance it? I want to know”.

The young woman, back to freedom after two months in prison, later added that “I do not want my name to be associated with an Islamophobic organization. I did not appreciate the actions of the girls who cried “Amina Akbar, Femen Akbar” in front of the Tunisian embassy in France or when they burned our flag in front of the Mosque of Paris. This affects Muslims very much and many of my relatives. Everyone’s religion should be respected.”

It is now the leader of the movement, Inna Shevchenko, who replies to Amina on Twitter and accuses her of having offended with her choice not only Femen but all of the women who took to the streets to help her. “If Amina is free”, she says, “she owes it to them”.

Amina was released on August 1st by the court of Kairouan, where she was arrested on May 19th for the desecration of a cemetery and possession of pepper spray. A few days ago she was back to challenging the Tunisian authorities on Facebook by appearing topless in a photo with the words” we do not need your democracy “and lighting a cigarette with a Molotov.

In any case, the Amina’s announcement has stunned everyone, and according to Shevscenko, she will be exploited by the Islamists for their own ends.

Erika Sciarra.


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