Something Spain Should be Proud Of

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Amidst days of humiliation following Madrid’s mayor, Ana Bottella, and her demonstration of her knoweledge of the English language (or lack thereof) at the Olympics Committee, and losing the location for the 2020 Olympics Games to Tokyo, there are other things Spain should be proud of.

Today, Her Majesty Queen Sofia received at the UN Headquarters of New York, the Frank D. Roosevelt International Disability Rights Award on behalf of Spain. This is just a few days after the ONCE, Spain’s National Organization for the Blind, won the country’s much-coveted Prince of Asturias Concord Prize.

The president of the jury, Susan Parker, explained that Spain achieved the highest mark for its work in favor of the inclusion of disabled people in all areas of society, such as education, health, well-being, work, employment or transport.

The prestigious award remarks the tremendous efforts of Spain in favor of citizens with disabilities, thriving to extend said efforts to a local, regional and national level so as to bring practical change to the daily lives of the people affected.

Along with international recognition for the country’s dedication in this issue, the award includes 50,000 dollars (approximately 38.000 euros) for an NGO of the winning country.

The Spanish Minister of Health, Ana Mato, commented that the award is a “huge satisfaction for Spain, in which we have achieved full integration, no discrimination and the improvement of the quality of life of the people with different capacities”.

Chiara Romano Bosch.


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