Henry Kissinger Pro-intervention in Syria

Former U.S. Secretary of State tells CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour that he supports Obama’s decision to take military action in Syria. “We can’t be the world’s policeman,” he tells Amanpour, “but we can be the world’s last resort.”
Take a look at the video.
Chiara Romano Bosch


3 thoughts on “Henry Kissinger Pro-intervention in Syria

  1. He is still hoping for the action that he missed in the cold war. He is a relic of American politics, a man which envisages only destruction of others for the benefit of his “country”.

  2. Word Salim. Kissinger is a mass murderer that should be rotting in a cell, not whose opinions should be even considered worthy listening to. He has no legitimacy to even be consulted regarding international affairs especially on topic of conflicts, and I don’t understand why nitwit “journalists” would even bother interviewing him if not to get views.

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