Costa Concordia Hits the One Year Mark

The huge wreck no longer lies on one side, it has slowly started to rise.It is now being held by 36 steel cables with an initial pull of 60 tons.
“There are no grounds for alarm or concern – said Sergio Girotto, head of the Micoperi process – everything went smoothly”. “It was expected that the rotation was going to be slow,” added the head of the procedure for the removal of Costa Concordia, Franco Porcellacchia.
During the operation of the rotation of the Concordia, there was the possibility that gases produced by the decomposition of organic materials could be released, although for the time being they will not exceed the limits of emissions into the atmosphere. Porcellacchia, explained that “there were no spills at sea.” “The emission of H2S, also known as the gases produced by the decomposition of organic material, is a possibility”, said Girotto . In any case, we have a constant control of emissions into the atmosphere from which, at the moment, no limits are being exceeded . Environment Minister, Andrea Orlando, believes that “there are all the necessary conditions” for a possible claim by the government for the environmental damage caused by the wreck.
Erika Sciarra.



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