The illegal disposal of poisons in Campania (Italy). Revelations from the Casalesi clan’s treasurer.

(Unfortunately the video is in Italian! But we put it anyway for those of you who speak the language.)

Carmine Schiavone, former treasurer of the Casalesi clan talks about the system of illegal disposal of poisons, including radioactive ones,  in Campania (Italy).

“The poisoning began more than twenty years ago, now the situation is hopeless, there is no point in cleaning up at this point. People die, tumors grow every day, we will reach 5 million corpses. A war, a massacre.  The Camorra, the Italian mafia, has bought it all, done business with everyone, paid so that inspectors don’t do controls and become accomplices. The Camorra has given names of politicians of the first and second republic and spoken of diverted services. ”

The boss, Schiavone, is what the Italians call a ‘pentito’ someone who regrets and gives information to the authorities about what he has done, giving dates, places and circumstances surrounding the burial of toxic waste that has been transcribed in numerous reports, including the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry of waste. However, following the statements made by Schiavone in 1997, when they were delivered in notes and documents with an indication of the companies involved and places of illegal disposal, the files were sealed marked confidential.

“The waste was dumped by trucks in fields and sand pits”, says the repentant. “Over the years, they opened boxes of lead,” he explained, “that is why people are dying of cancer. 5 million people are dying … “.

This would also be the reason for his “conversion”: “I have turned my back on them when I saw that they were poisoning the earth. Something that was killing the children before they were born. ”

This business has a worth hundreds of billions in revenue. “500 million lire a month went for corruption. We maintained barracks, police and  finance police. A total of 3 billion in expenses in covered 30 days. ”

Words that bring to mind fragments of the film Gomorra by Matteo Garrone, based on the  Roberto Saviano’s book released in 2006. Among other things, it was Carmine Schiavone to reveal to investigators that the Casalesi had condemned the author to his death , reason for Saviano currently lives with a 24h multiple bodyguards.

Erika Sciarra


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