Westgate City Center

Sixty-eight is the number of the dead in the assault launched by the Somalian Al-Shabaab terrorist organization linked to al-Qaeda, against the Westgate City Center in Nairobi last. This was announced by the local Red Cross, after the discovery of other bodies 9. The wounded are 175, as was by the Kenyan Minister of the Interior, Joseph Ole Lenku.
A witness reported that the assailants “executed” some of the customers of the shopping center, and another witness reported that the attackers “speak a foreign language.”
The attack was motivated as retaliation for Kenya’s military intervention in Somalia. “Our Mujahideen entered the Westgate mall around midday, and they are still inside, to fight the infidels Kenyans on their own ground, ” was said in a tweet. What we are seeing is an act of retributive justice for crimes committed by their military.” In anotare statement issued previously, guerrillas affiliated with al-Qaeda had claimed that “the time has come to transfer the battlefield in Kenya”, but they had again been avoided due to the blitz.
The Security Council of the United Nations has condemned “in the strongest terms possible the terrorist attack in Nairobi.” Obama expressed his condolences for the terrorist attack and reaffirmed its support of the United States to Kenya in efforts to bring to justice the perpetrators of the attack.
Sources say everyone has been escorted to safety from the mall and the Kenyan authorities have taken control of the area.
Erika Sciarra.



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