Global Youth Entrepreneurship, From Cow Excrement to the Best Ice-cream of the World


From the best Italian ice-cream makers to top-fashion designers in New York, all young entrepreneurs have a common goal. Successful entrepreneurs and ambassadors met this week in Geneva to promote youth entrepreneurship and share the secret ingredient.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 inspires young people globally to engage in start-ups that promote development. This panel of discussion organized by UNCTAD and WIPO, hosted by the Diplomatic Missions of Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Portugal and Switzerland has been moderated by Reuben Saxon from the Youth Business International based in London. About 200 young entrepreneurs attended the meeting at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Several young key note speakers shared their successful entrepreneurial experiences which inspired the participants that replied with several questions, leading to a fruitful networking discussion.
The opening remarks by H.E. Ambassador Nuno Bártolo from Portugal, H.E. Ambassador Arango from Colombia and Raul Cuero as the Founder of the International Park of Creativity from Colombia were especially enthusiastic about the key role that youth entrepreneurship plays for development.
The first panel provided insight on how to start new businesses from the ground up. Mr. Grom, co-founder of the artisanal ice-cream producer GROM from Italy, captured the attention of the public like no-one else had done before as he described his successful start-up. The highlight of his speech? Mr.Grom mentioned that -the secret of the best ice-creams starts with high quality manure: cow shit! Apparently, The excrements of the cow’s poo fertilizes the fields for excellent organic agriculture to finally produce the ingredients for a high quality “gelato”. This shows that development is also about going back to the roots where every single detail makes a difference. His recommendation to the young entrepreneurs is “don’t always follow the financial plan but always work to improve the life of the people”.
Inspiring are the entrepreneurs that share their wisdom with the world. This is also the case of the founders of 3DFunlab that produce 3D-printing, as well as Ana Romero, who shared her experience on how she started her own collection of design in Portugal and how she brought it all the way to uptown New York.
Are you young and full of ideas and want to start your own business but don’t know where to go? After the presentation of Branko Karlezi, the Director of ProChile, it is more than clear that Chile offers a handful of opportunities for start-ups of young entrepreneurs with full potential to expand to the rest of South America and worldwide.
Vijay Raju, from the World Economic Forum, also explained how collaborations among young social entrepreneurs can achieve a huge positive impact for development as he shared the Global Shapers’ point of view. Moreover, Mr. Mieiville discussed how the transfer of technology can foster development and enhance new opportunities for start-ups.
The final remarks and conclusions were drawn by Mr. Canchola from the Mexican Mission in Geneva and H.E. Ambassador Serra from Italy. Both speakers encouraged all the younger generations to become entrepreneurs in order to achieve sustainable development and engage in start-ups for social welfare as well as a measure to fight youth unemployment.
Pau Petit.


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