Strict controls in 1000 nursing homes in Italy, closures and requisitions for inhumane conditions.

Credits to La Repubblica
Credits to La RepubblicaClosures

More than 1000 inspections took place on Tuesday night in homes/institutions for disabled and non-self-sufficient people in Rome.

So far, 16 institutions were forced to shut down after the inspection and another two were seized. The inspection included checking the prescriptions for the pharmaceuticals in these institutions, the sanitary, structural and hygienic conditions as well as the correct preservation of the food and medicines.

The authorities reported 174 penal violations and 251 administrative violations. Multiple boxes of expired pharmaceuticals and food were seized by the police. One of the inspected homes for the elderly in Rome was hosting more people than its actual capacity and one of the women there was suffering from severe dehydration to the point where she had to be taken to the hospital.

Incidents like these are not uncommon in Italy. Homes for the elderly and for the disabled have received various inspections, especially in 2013, and the results have been alarming. Following another round of inspections among 100 institutions throughout Italy, more than 20 people were arrested for the abandonment of non-self-sufficient and disabled people.

Chiara Romano Bosch.


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