Italy is the Only Country That Can Adopt Russian Children

Currently, only Italian citizens can adopt Russian children, since Italy has a primary bilateral agreement with Russia. Most importantly, Italy “does not recognize marriages between persons of the same sex and, therefore, theres is no need to change the existing treaty” said Pavel Astakhov, civic defender of the children’s rights at the Kremlin.

Astakhov also pointed out that Italy has also abided correctly to the terms of the agreement, while the Russian authorities do not intend to give the children up for adoption to the citizens of those countries with which there is no bilateral agreement. “It’s not our fault. We have a priority of domestic adoption, “said the mediator. According to Astakhov a bilateral agreement on adoption with Russia is, currently, only valid with Italy.
The homophobic campaign launched by Putin aims to prevent the 120,000 Russian children in the dilapidated orphanages of the state to end up “in the chaos, immorality and perversion of a gay family.”
Since January 2013, the war on US-Russia adoption and approval by France and Britain of gay marriage has “decreased the ability of the citizens of these countries to adopt Russian children.” But Moscow had never commented so openly on the Treaty with Italy which has been used as an example in negotiations with other countries.
But those who suffer the most from these choices are the children and the few NGOs and volunteer organizations that are concerned with the defense of these children.
The problem of orphans in Russia is becoming a national emergency because of the law that allows any woman or couple to hand over to the state, without any justification, their own child. The spirit of this law is that “it is better to be under the care state that living with parents who do not want you.” The result is devastating.
Putin, who is aware of the situation, has repeatedly launched appeals to the Russian people to adopt more children, creating their salvation. Unfortunately, the percentage of adoptions of Russian families is 1, 1%. In the meantime the children in the orphanages grow up in conditions of semi-reclusion and often do not receive the necessary means to become part of society once they become older.
Erika Sciarra.


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