Letter from the Editors

Dear TGO followers,

The Global Oyster Team is very happy to announce that we are back on track!

Our Team has expanded from 10 to 18 contributors! The amazing and talented Linda, Alexia, Benjamin, Prashanth, Jamie, Taritha, Salim and Rebekka have joined our Team. We have been extremely fortunate to have such ambitious and hard-working new additions, as well as our original members; we hope you will learn as much from their articles as we will. We are especially excited about the new members who specialize in environmental issues and International Humanitarian Law, as they will be adding novelty to those subjects that we discussed in less detail before. Currently, the Team is made up of 10 different nationalities and we will work hard to use that to our advantage so as to give you all of our different cultural perspectives in the articles we post.

Also, aside from the graphic changes that we have made for the blog layout, we also have a special surprise: one of our new members (who wishes to remain anonymous as he will soon be taking part in an art movement) will be contributing with some political sketches and drawings that will be posted with related articles.

As you can see, we are full of excitement and ready to come back with news and thought-provoking articles for you! Remember you can stay tuned to our updates on our Facebook page (The Global Oyster) and Twitter (@theglobaloyster) for our latest articles and discussions.

We welcome feedback so if you would like to get in touch with us to make a comment or an enquiry, you can do that through our social network pages or email us at ouroyster2013@gmail.com.

We hope you like the new changes and our “food for thought”!

Chiara and Laura, Co-Founders & Editors of The Global Oyster


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