“I Am a Ukrainian” the cry for help before the end, Russia lost the battle

After the video of Carla Dauden, who firmly claimed “No, I’m not going to the world cup”, another video has been going viral with already more than 5 millions views on YouTube and another young girl stood out among the crowd, talking on the behalf of an exhausted population. This is Yulia. She is a post-graduate student in literature. After the first people were killed on Hrushevskogo Street she took the courage with a friend and shot the video.

“I wanted to show that here I am – a person. If you say there are radicals and terrorists in our streets, then I am a terrorist too”.

Ukraine’s “Euromaidan” protests began in November and reached the bloodiest peak during this week. By Thursday morning the death toll arrived at 100 and, as a doctor on the field said, the number of victims and injured people was just likely to rise. The video shows a short recap of an almost 4-month revolution triggered by a political, social and economic crisis that came to an “official” end on Friday, when the President, Viktor Yanukovich, signed an Agreement with the three main opposition leaders. The pact agrees on constitutional changes, early polls and the release of Yulia Tymoshenko, the symbol of the Ukrainian uprisings and leader of the All-Ukrainian Union “Fatherland”.

Photo's credits: news.kievukraine.info. An emotional speech of Yulia to the crowd in Kiev after she was released.
Photo’s credits: news.kievukraine.info.
An emotional speech of Yulia to the crowd in Kiev after she was released.

Putin lost the battle with Ukraine and the EU said it’s ready to start the talks. On Saturday, the former President, Viktor Yanukovich, was flying abroad (the destination is still unclear) when his plane was stopped for a check at Donetsk. A group of heavily armed men approached the checkpoint without documents, without introducing themselves, offering to pay in order to gain permission for take off without the necessary papers.

On Sunday, Yulia Tymoshenko was voted in as the country’s interim President, while Yanukovych has not been spotted at border checkpoints since Saturday.

Is Ukraine going to be on the list of the next EU members? But there is another question to pose on this regard, whether the EU admission will solve the Ukrainian political, social and economic issues. On one hand, we see protests of radical movements and political agenda of far-right parties in some EU countries leading towards a national identity and Euroscepticism, on the other hand, a population that strives to have a possibility to be part of the European Big Brother. I hope then they will not be disappointed and they will not be sucked in the Euro circle.

Laura Zuffi


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