“Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening”

This video went viral in the last two weeks and it’s never too late to share it. Every year we see different awareness campaigns, like a “photo a day” or a “one second a day”, many times with celebrities who usually catch more the attention of the audience, or with common war-scenes.

This one is part of the “one second a day” category, it’s a powerful PSA made by “Save the Children” to raise awareness on the condition of children in Syria and to involve the audience in this cause that it’s happening right now.

The video shows one second every day of the year from a young girl’s perspective. It starts with a happy kid celebrating her ninth birthday with her family. She goes to school. Plays soccer/football. But slowly, through the news on the radio and television in the background, we realize that the situation is changing for the worst. The streets get violent. A conflict escalates. Explosions go off and the family flees. The war takes its toll. By the girl’s tenth birthday, which she celebrates in a refugee camp, her innocence is lost.

If you want to get a hint of what’s the real life of a child in Syria, you can watch here a video released by Human Rights Watch in 2013, showing attack on Syrian schools. In a report they stated that:  “Both government forces and opposition armed groups have used schools as military bases, barracks, detention centers, and sniper posts, turning places of learning into military targets and putting students at risk.”

To really get involved and help the kids in Syria who really need your help visit: http://bit.ly/3yearson


Laura Zuffi


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