Interviewing David Bosco: On Being a Journalist in the 21st Century, Twitter and Teaching Politics

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A teacher, a lawyer, a political analyst, a deputee director for the UN and a journalist: American-born David Bosco is an ambitious multi-tasker. Currently, he is a contributing writer at Foreign Policy and an professor of International Politics at the American University of Washington D.C. in the United States.

During his experience as a freelancer after the war in Sarajevo, Bosco marked his entrance into the world of journalism. Once back in the United States, he went on to study law at Harvard, where he continued writing at the Harvard Journal. After graduation he went on to work as an attorney in antitrust matters, but realized that law was not his calling. Instead, Bosco turned to what he had already been doing for a long time; journalism. “Fortunately, by the time I was done with college, writing was something that I did every other day, so it was vocational but…

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