Ready for Another Breath of Fresh Nationalistic Air? All Made in Italy

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Another political anti-immigration campaign by the Northern League for The Global Oyster’s fans, who, by now, should know what the Northern League is. For the new arrivals, or simply for those who don’t know, the Northern League is a centre-right Italian political party, that strives for nationalistic and anti-immigration policies and reveals federalist strategies in its agenda.

While I was going to work (in Milan), I passed by a huge placard that stated the same sentence you can read on the picture above: “No more contests and entry exams for immigrants applying to public sector employment”. Aparentes, the Northern League wants to bar immigrants from the possibility of having any post in public office.

The Northern League organized a referendum on March 29, 2014, or better they put together a bunch of gazebos in the province of Bergamo (Lombardy region) and people gathered to “vote” – people could vote also at the municipality offices in the province of Sondrio. Although the placard says 29 March, the stands were there both Saturday and Sunday with 150 gazebos and 15.000 signatures collected. This public petition will be open for three months and it will have to collect 500.000 signatures in order for it to be presented at the Court of Cassation to support the referendum questions.

“Due to the scarce media coverage of this referendum campaign, we didn’t expect such an impressive turnout” said Daniele Belotti, the provincial Secretary.

Photo Credits: Bergamo News.  The queue in front of the stands.
Photo Credits: Bergamo News.
The queue in front of the stands.

It’s not only about immigrants though; the Northern League provided more referendums (here the link in Italian):

  1. We say no more immigrants allowed at the contests and entry exams for public sector employments , with the request to abolish this norm, proposed from the former Minister of Integration Cécile Kyenge.
  2. We say yes to the complete abrogation of the “Fornero Reform”, which targets young people and workers.
  3. We say yes to the abrogation of the Merlin Law, because we want prostitutes to pay taxes, to give decency on the streets, and to fight crime and women exploitation.
  4. We say no to prefectures, which represent an unproductive source of expense and the incarnation of a prodigal State.
  5. We say yes to the cancellation of the Mancino Law on the crimes of opinion, because we think that democracy implies total freedom of speech.

Just to be clear though (about the fifth point), the Macino Law is a norm passed in 1993, which sanctions and condemns actions and slogans related to the Nazi-fascist ideology, and that have the aim to incite violence and discrimination based on race, ethnic groups, religion and/or nationalities.

The only point I absolutely agree with is the third one. No comment about the first one. The Fornero Reform is quite complicated and I have to admit that I am not an expert on economics, but I know it was done in a period of deep crisis during the tecnocratic government of Mario Monti, and it surely needs some revisions, because at the end of the day the burden is on the average middle class and lower class citizens. The prefectures can be reduced to lower the administrative costs.

No need to say that this is not a referendum and it doesn’t even entail the opinion of one entire region. We all know the Northern League is strong in those valley-mountain areas….so yeah, good job! But seeing that placard at 9.15 in the morning wasn’t surely a good start of the day.


Laura Zuffi


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