“Fuck the Poor!” Let’s See How Much People Care about Them

A brilliant initiative, a simple campaign and a harsh message.

A social experiment was conducted in London by the small front line charity Pillon Trust, which sent a guy on the streets with a huge sign hung on his neck that stated “Fuck the Poor”, giving away flyers of the ‘campaign’ by the advertising agency, Plubicis.

The reactions of random people who passed by this unusual ad burst with outrage, astonishment, anger, disgust and indignation. The campaigner, shouting “Fuck the Poor”, gathered a certain amount of people around him. All of them had suddenly re-found their sense of heroism and morality inside them and stopped in the middle of the streets to actually take the time to quarrel and discuss with the ad-guy.

On another day, or probably just on another street, the same guy was trying to collect money to raise another cause: “Help the Poor”.

The result? Nobody stops, nobody offers money, nobody raises any concern.


I would be certainly curious to see how people react to the same experiment in different cities in the world….if anyone has some spare time on their hands, try it out! Upload it on YouTube and we will certainly spread the message too.


Laura Zuffi


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