PotCoin Is the New Crypto-Currency for all weed-lovers. Happy 4/20!!

The latest interview carried out by one of our founders, Laura Zuffi. The world of crypto-currency is enlarging and recently made room for an emerging trade in the legalized marijuana’s industry. You are still on time to celebrate 4/20 with a good reading 🙂

In 2009, a computer  genius known as Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first transaction of Bitcoin, a completely decentralized electronic currency. During the last five years, the crypto-currency went through ups and downs, but it’s also true that it gained a sort of immortality, bringing to light countless altcoins – that is to say, virtual independent coins.

On January 2014 one of the latest altcoins was created, thanks to the stoned minds of Hasoshi, Mr Jones and SMoKeMoN514 (nicknames of the founders). The trio founded PotCoin, an altcoin with the same concept of BitCoin, but with only one product to sell and buy: weed.

PotCoin was born as a community with a hobby in common – smoking marijuana – and a specific mission in mind: to find a new source of funding that differs from the banking system, to fight against money laundering , to take a stand against the restrictive…

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