The World Upside-Down: a Short Film about Weirdo Heteros and Normal Gays

I guess there is nothing else to add. This short film acts as a campaign against homophobia, against discrimination of homosexuals and, above all, against bulling actions towards homosexual teens, showing an upside-down world where heterosexuals are the ones being persecuted.

The 2o-minute long movi,  directed and created by K.Rocco Shields, hasnwon several prizes and poses a fundamental question for our modern society, Love is all you need?

Love is not enough anymore. What you need is the support of your family and friends too, and a society that does not discriminate and judge you for your sexual orientation. Otherwise, you might end up like Romeo and Juliet, or like Ashley: deprived of your own identity, deprived of your freedom of choice, deprived of your love. And then what is left? A warm body without soul that cannot love and cannot choose.


Laura Zuffi


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