TGO To Resume in July

Dear internationalists, followers and global citizens, The Global Oyster team is sad to announce that we will be taking a brief break. This is a student-run initiative and as such we are all swamped with finals and dissertations. It is for this reason that we can’t guarantee the continuity we would like to in the…

#BringBackOurGirls: The Hashtag that is Mobilizing the World

“They will be treated like slaves” announced the Boko Haram militants after the abduction of the Nigerian girls that are creating an international movement, ‘And as slaves, they will be sold to the market in the name of Allah.” At this point they could be in Chad, Cameroon, or the other side of the world.… Read More #BringBackOurGirls: The Hashtag that is Mobilizing the World

A Message to Third-Country Nationals: “Do Not Come to Italy”

As European Parliament elections draw near and political candidates go wild online – and on paper – with very direct electoral campaigns. As I am writing my thesis on immigration, asylum policy and trends in Italy, I could not help sharing this video-campaign with you. Angelo Ciocca presented his candidacy at the EP elections representing the… Read More A Message to Third-Country Nationals: “Do Not Come to Italy”

Cold War Gas?

“Europe has decided to play a role among the big players of the world, while not being energy-independent, but this is not good” said the CEO of ENI (National Hydrocarbons Energy), Paolo Scaroni, “political independence coincides with energy” and it has to be said that the EU, in this field, still has a long way to… Read More Cold War Gas?