Ex-Israeli Soldier Speaks Out!

His name is Eran Efrati, ex-Israeli soldier and current activist for Israeli groups Anarchists Against the Wall and Boycott from Within. The lecture you are about to view was filmed this year in Denver, Colorado, and will open your eyes on an issue that has been often manipulated by international mass-media and on facts that have been checked and censored by the IDF before the publication.

The video (below) lasts 40 minutes and I have to say it is worth watching! However, for those of you who want a quick recap, I copy-pasted here the key-points that you can also find on the official Website of ‘Digital Resistance’:

  1. There is a heavy indoctrination in Israel, from an early age in schools, which uses the holocaust to create paranoia and fear against ‘the enemy’
  2. Israeli soldiers are trained intensively for a war, whilst their actual military duties are to subdue and control Palestinians
  3. Israeli soldiers routinely humiliate, intimidate, arrest, beat and kill civilian Palestinians to ‘protect’ illegal Jewish settlers in occupied territories
  4. Many Israeli soldiers are aware what they are doing is wrong, but have no way out and feel pressured to continue
  5. Palestinians who require medical attention, have to go through military checkpoints – to do this they require permits
    • They give these permits to lawyers of ‘Doctors without borders’ and then prevent them from going to the West Bank – meaning Palestinians do not receive permits
    • Israel uses a clever process to cover itself legally to the world
  6. During Operation Cast Lead, Israeli soldiers were traumatised and confused the atrocities they saw in Gaza
    • Israel would bomb civilian areas to clear the way for Israeli ground forces, use tank shells, air-strikes and illegal white phosphorus
  7. When wanting to speak out, via the ‘Breaking the Silence Campaign‘ the Haaretz newspaper refused to publish soldier testimonies after pressure by IDF Spokesman
    • Breaking the Silence campaign itself was censored by the IDF Spokesman
    • All media in Israel has to go through the IDF censorship
  8. The Israeli government and military make a lot of money by selling its weapons to other repressive regimes around the world,
  9. Israel tries and tests its weapons on Palestinians – ‘this is not (just) an occupation’ this is a laboratory for Israeli military weapons
  10. Israel uses undercover units in the occupied territories to start riots, and then justify the use of weapons against Palestinian protesters
  11. All police departments in the US are trained by the Israeli military and are taught the same brutal tactics used against Palestinians
  12. US police departments have already used such tactics in suppressing protests in the US, such as the Occupy movement
  13. Hit Israel where it hurts the most, boycott Israel


What you have here it’s a direct evidence of what has been going on for decades already in Palestine/Israel. I don’t ask people to pick a side, but at least to acknowledge the reality of facts. And as far as it goes for me….#FreeGaza #FreePalestine.


Laura Zuffi


One thought on “Ex-Israeli Soldier Speaks Out!

  1. A part of the problem is that the world has also been indoctrinated to not ever criticise Israel, under threat of being called anti semitic. If having good friends that are also israeli, then that also adds to the trouble, because it does create harsh feelings among them. 😦

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