It doesn’t matter where we come from, we all fight for the same causes, walk the same way and write with the same passion.

What we do

The Global Oyster started off as an online platform where to share knowledge, ideas and opinions. Composed of a multicultural, heterogeneous, diverse and ambitious group of students, the contributors of The Global Oyster do not limit to report news and to comment viral trends and issues. We want to go beyond what conventional mass media and social networks sell us every day.

It’s a blog on WordPress yes, but we rather define ourselves as part of a non-partisan (or at least we try), non-profit and non-governmental virtual think tank that strives to provide in-depth insights on current affairs as well as more particular issues that lure our attention.

Our Story

We started this journey on a gloomy but productive autumn day in 2012. The founders, Laura and Chiara, met while studying at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The former was coursing her second year of Bachelor at the Faculty of European Studies, whereas the latter was participating in the Erasmus program in the same university, coming from the Faculty of International Relations at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija.

None of us had notions of graphic design or web development (and still don’t), but we thought it wasn’t necessary to have an extremely appealing website to kick off. Our enthusiasm, quality content and a variety of topics, as well as contributors, would have been enough. And so it was!

After only year from its creation The Global Oyster boasted a great team made of 18 hard-working individuals from 11 different nationalities. At that time all writers were university students aged between 19 and 25 years old, experts in the fields of International Relations, Human Rights, Political Sciences, Economics, Law, Journalism, Business, Environmental issues and Safety & Security Management. Now most of us are working, but still holding the same interests.

The origin of this online food-for-thoughts platform has to be found in a Facebook group called The World is Our Oyster, previously created by one of our founding members. The goal of that group was to share articles, so why not developing a blog where all those savvy members could actually write down their opinions?

In 2 years, two “calls for writers” and many hours spent on writing, editing and interviewing we were proud to have reached such a wide public on our social networks and among WordPress bloggers. However, our lives took different turns at the end of the Bachelor and we did put The Global Oyster on standby with a heavy heart.

But here we are, 2 years later in 2016 restoring slowly what we thoroughly built, opening the blog to the public, encouraging all collaborators to join The Global Oyster family again and looking for new perspectives.

After all, we both knew that it wasn’t a farewell, but rather an “arrivederci”.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. ALOHA ,
    My name is Andy i would like to see if you guys are interested in Weather War fare it sounds a little crazy i sure that so when i came across this subject.
    Volcanoes with lighting ,massive flooding.this happens after the elite people who control our money ,gold mining gmo loose a large court case and a natural disaster comes about 30 days later .If you guys are interested please email me at andyallen02@gmail.com

    1. Hello Andy,

      I am Laura, one of the founders of The Global Oyster. First of all, I apologize for replying you so late but we “froze” the blog during two years and now we just got back on track. As you can see, we tackle different issues, among them the environmental ones. You can send your proposal at ouroyster2013@gmail.com if you are still interested in contributing. Hope to hear from you soon!

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